Welcome to the web home of Lodge Gleniffer, the youngest Lodge in Paisley albeit that it was created by Grand Lodge in 1920. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month of the year however, many of our Brethren attend the Halls in Maxwellton Road each Tuesday, so any Tuesday evening you can be assured of a real Gleniffer welcome!

As a Lodge the Brethren of Lodge Gleniffer are regular visitors to different Lodges in and furth of Scotland. We are proud to have Masonic friends in Holland, the USA, in South Africa, in Australia where one of our Past master’s created another Lodge Gleniffer, in England as well as in many parts of Scotland.

Why Gleniffer? The name is taken form the hills or braes that form the southern boundary of Paisley so we are firmly a Paisley Lodge without using the town name in our title, we are however proud of our name and our crest which shows what the Paisley Poet Tannahill called the “bonny wee well on the breast o’ the braes.”

If you are a stranger, we regard you as a friend we do not yet have and we want to change that so thank you for visiting our web site; why not visit us any Tuesday but especially on the second Tuesday? If you are not a member and are thinking about becoming a member again come down some Tuesday and introduce yourself, we will take it from there.